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With the help of step by step guide, please carefully review all the section of profile, update data accordingly and move to next section.
Make sure the information displayed on personal information form is correct, if not enter corrected status.
Some fields are Mandatory that must be filled otherwise the changes shall not be incorporated or submitted.You can filter the contents from drop down menu to enter required information.
The information will be gathered / verified in two Steps.
In the first ste,p you will fill/verify your own information related to employment, contact information, qualification etc. Once this form is complete, enter verify & submit information.
In the Second step, another window shall lead you to view and edit hierarchical data. You are required to verify/update your hierarchy accordingly. At the end again press verify & submit information.
Help icon [?] is created; clicking on the icon will recognize the stream of information to be used in case of difficulty.
In the event of any problem with login password or having any query, feel free to contact:
051-2251185, 051-2251351